Information - Pubs, Articles, and Photos (with/of ELR content)
7 Ways the New ARC Rifle Action Blends the Best of Old & New (Precision Rifle Blog)
20mm AMR - New Use of Unused Ammo (from DTIC)
Ackley (Improved) Info Sheet (from Pacific Tool & Gauge/PTG)
An Introduction to Collecting 20 mm Cannon Cartridges (Williams, article)
Applied Ballistics (Bryan Litz’s texts and articles)
Articles by Daniel Lilja (re 50 BMG)
Bison Ballistics (articles)
Cartridge case comparison/pic (375 CT thru 375-.50 BMG)
Cartridges for Long-Range Sniper Rifles (Williams) - incl 338 LM thru 50 BMG comparo pic
   Additional comparo pics - #1 (408CT thru 14.5x114), #2 (338 LM thru .50 BMG), #3 (50 BMG, Anzio 20/50, and 20mm Vulcan), #4 (50 BMG, 14.5x114 Russian, and 20mm Vulcan); #5 (.50 BMG and .50 cal variants)
Cutting Gun Case Foam (forum thread on - hosted by LaRue Tactical)
Designing and Forming Custom Cartridges for Rifles and Handguns (Ken Howell, 1995) - authorized reprints available through Huntington
ELR Target CAM w/DVR (by Diver160651, excellent How-To thread on Snipershide)
Jewell trigger “user’s manual” - 1, 2
KO2M (2016) video
Land Ops = Firepower + Mobility (Armada article)
Long Range Pursuit, presented by Gunwerks (YouTube)
Military Cartridge Relationships (Williams)
Minute of Angle (Hugh Birnbaum for Shooting Times magazine)
NBRSA Precision Rifleman (eZine)
Picatinny rail spec (MIL-STD-1913) (base and change notice 1)
P.O. Ackley’s Wildcats (Rob Lucas, article)
Primal Rights (articles) - including Rifle Sighting Systems: SFP vs FFP by Greg Dykstra, Part 3 of a 4-part series
Remington MSR Hands-On Review (PRB article)
Tactical Life (Special Weapons, Tactical Weapons, and other magazines)
Target Shooter Magazine (UK, articles - use the drop-down menu)
XLR Industries Evolution Chassis System Review (Marty Dabney for LRH)

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