Information - Information Sites and Forums (with ELR content)
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Information Sites
   4AW (Australia; the folks with the “MarkandSam AfterWork” YouTube channel)
   .50 Caliber Headstamps: Manufacturing Marks of WWII
   Accurate Shooter/ Accurate Shooter Bulletin  f
   AmmoGuide (cartridge info for free + load data and an online cartridge design application for fee/subscription)
   AmmoSeek (ammo and ammo components pricing search engine)  f
   Anthony (Tony) G. Williams (tons of info on and pics of large - 10mm and up -military cartridges)
   Applied Ballistics - Articles
   Applied Ballistics - ELR Central/ELRC, “Extended Long Range (ELR) Central: Applied Ballistics’ Role in the ELR community f
   Applied Ballistics - Rifle Range Locator
   ArmsVault (glossary, acronyms)
   Association of Spanish Cartridge Collectors/AECC (an extensive collection of data on cartridges worldwide, including several US ELR wildcats; in Spanish - translator)
   Cartridge collector association listing, international
   Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)  f
   European Cartridge Research Association (E.C.R.A.)
   Find Shooting Ranges (
   GunBot (ammo and ammo components pricing search engine)
   International Ammunition Association (Cartridge Collector’s Glossary)  f
   JBM/Bibliography (interior and exterior ballistics)
   Military Factory (small arms)  f
   pat2pdf (FREE patent searches - donate!)
   Paul Mulcahy’s Pages (anti-material rifles, sniper rifles)
   Sniper Central  f
   The Russian Ammunition Page - 12.7mm to 14.5mm
   WikiArms (ammo and ammo components pricing search engine)
   World Guns  f
Forums/Blogs (with ELR content)
   Accurate Shooter - Big Stuff, Ballistics & Bullets, Applied Ballistics Pro Support Thread  f
   Biggerhammer (current forum/board, new name is “Barrett, Serbu & Other .50 Caliber Rifles Discussion Forum”)
   Biggerhammer (archive from 4/22/07 thru 9/25/15)
   Calguns - main  f
   Calguns - centerfire rifles, manually operated
   Calguns - long range shooting
   Lobaev Journal (Russia, articles in Russian - translator)
   Lobaev Journal (Russia, articles in English)
   LongRangeHunting (LRH) - main  f
   LongRangeHunting - ELR
   Long Range Only - main  f
   Long Range Only - ELR
   Precision Rifle Blog
   Silencer Talk
   Sniper’s Hide - main  f
   Sniper’s Hide - ELR
               ELR Resources