Products - Miscellaneous
     f   = Facebook links (currently, or semi-currently, maintained sites only)

Chamber Reamers
   Dave Manson
   JGS Precision
   Pacific Tool and Gauge/PTG (Dave Kiff)  f
   Triebel (Germany) - they sell internationally

Fasteners and Material Suppliers
   Fasteners - Fastenal, Fastener Warehouse, McMaster-Carr
   Metals - BuyMetal (PA), Cut2SizeMetals (IN), Earle M. Jorgensen Co/EMJ (US-wide),  
Fry Steel (CA), MetalsDepot (KY), Midwest Steel & Aluminum (MN), OnlineMetals (multi)
   Plastics - Professional Plastics, U.S. Plastic
   Rubber - Zoro (multiple types)

Other Miscellaneous    
   AimSHOT (50 BMG laser boresight)  f (single cartridges for collectors)
   Bob Sled (Bob Hahin’s single-shot loading block for .338 LM std and CIP length AI mag rifles; Brownells link, nothing on mfg’s site)
   Bore-Stores (soft covers for rifle storage in a safe; will do custom sizes)
   CDI Precision Gunworks (single-shot loading block - .338 LM CIP/slightly shorter than Bob Sled, above)  f
   Davidson barrel vise (image on Sinclair; also thru Bruno, less expensive)
   Dewey (cleaning rods and gear)  f
   Hawkeye/Gradient Lens Corp (borescopes)
   Infinition (very high end Doppler radar antenna for projectile velocity measurement)
   JBM (ballistic coefficient calculator/velocity)
   LabRadar (“ballistic velocity radar” - chrono)  f
   MagnetoSpeed (barrel-mounted chronographs)  f
   MTM (shooting range box)
   Oehler Research (Model 35 Proof Chronograph; System 88 + detail info - 1,2,3; System 89)
   OnTarget Precision Calculator - group size calc and analysis software, Windows and Mac; for-fee and freeware versions  f
   Rifle Accuracy Systems/RAS (barrel tuners and tuner/brakes; contact them for larger barrel diameter models)
   Scopecoat (fabric scope covers; will do custom sizes)
   Steinert (acoustic chronograph)
   Tipton (carbon fiber cleaning rods)  f
   Wheeler Engineering (FAT wrench, Digital Fat Wrench - torque wrench)  f

Ranging and Target Solution Aids (green = FREE; may require registration)
   Accuracy 1st Development Group - scope levels
   Applied Ballistics (Bryan Litz) - apps, tools, online ballistics calculator  f
   Arisaka Defense - scope leveler  f
   Athlon Optics - rangefinder  f
   ATN - rangefinders (1500 yds, max)  f  
   Ballistic - ballistic calculator software, iOS (max range input/calc ukn)  f
   Barrett/BORS - scope-mounted/integrated ballistic computer (max range input/calc ukn)  f
   Burris/Eliminator - scopes with integrated rangefinder+ (1200 yds +, max)  f
   Bushnell - rangefinders and scopes/binoculars with integrated rangefinder (1 mile, max)  f
   Desert Tech/TACSOL Trajectory Solutions App - smartphone app (1500 m +)  f
   Distance Measure Pro (iPhone/iPad/iPod app, uses Internet map, unlimited)
   Ferrell Industries - scope level
   Field Ballistics - Windows phone exterior ballistics app
   Field Firing Solutions/FFS - Windows Mobile ballistic software and integrated PDAs (max range input/calc ukn)
   Flatline Ops - scope levels (accu/level)
   Gunwerks/Gseven - rangefinder w/ ballistic calculator (2500 yds, max), online ballistic calculator/LRBC (registration reqd; 3000 yds, max)  f
   Halo Optics - rangefinders (1500 yds, max)  f
   Holland’s - scope levels/leveling system  f
   Hornady - online ballistic calculators -standard” and 4DOF (3828 yds, max)  f
   IEA Mil-Optics (Germany) - ballistic computer
   Infrared Research & Development/IR&D (Belgium) - ballistic computers
   iSnipe - ballistic calculator software for iOS (2000 yds, max)
   JBM Ballistics - online trajectory calculator, trajectory (drift) calculator + (4000 yds, max)
   Kahles (Austria) - BLRF (1500m, max)  f
   Kestrel - weather meters (incl integrated with Applied Ballistics software); see also Kestrel Ballistics  f
   Knight’s Armament/BulletFlight - iOS ballistic software (3000 m, max)  f
   Knight’s Armament - anti-cant device (note that you lose at least the rearmost rail slot; added pics here)  f
   Laser Technology - rangefinders (2000 m, max)  f
   Leica - binoculars with LRF and dedicated rangefinders (3000 yds, max)  f
   Leupold - rangefinders (2800 yds, max)  f
   Long Range Arms/LRA (levels)  f
   Long Range Shooting Simulation
   Modern Ballistics/MBall - Windows shareware ballistic calculator (+) (unlimited max)
   Newcon Optik - rangefinders & spotting scopes w/ rangefinders (20 km, max)
   Nikon - rangefinders (4000 yds, max)  f
   Nightforce - angle degree indicator  f
   Oehler/Ballistic Explorer - ballistic calculator software for Windows (2500 m, max)
   Op.Electronics - rangefinder (1760 yards, max) + “Scope Smarter” ballistic calculator
   Patagonia Ballistics/ColdBore - Windows PC and Mobile ballistic software (3000 m, max)
   PRODAS - ballistic calculator software +++, Windows (unlimited, max - assumed)
   Recreational Software, Inc./RSI -Shooting Lab” ballistic calculator, target analyzer, more
   Rianov - cant/slope indicator and ballistic computers (max range input/calc 2000 m)
   RIEGL - rangefinders (3000m, max)  f
   Rudolph Optics - rangefinder (1800 m, max)  f
   Safran Optics 1/Vectronix and Terrapin X - rangefinders (25 km, max)
   Shooter - ballistic calculator, iOS and Android (max range input/calc ukn) - online trajectory calculator (unlimited, max) +
   SIG Electro-Optics - rangefinders (up to 2 miles, max)  f
   SilencerCo - rangefinder (1 mile max)  f
   Steiner Defense- rangefinder bino (hunting and military models, 6000m, max)  f
   Swarovski - rangefinder bino (1500 yds, max)  f
   Torrey Pines Logic - VENOM rangefinder w/ wind measurement, ballistic computer, sensors (2000m); “VENOM Ballistic Solver”, Windows and Android (max range input/calc ukn)  f
   Vortex - binoculars with rangefinder and rangefinders (1600 yds, max)  f
   Weaver - rangefinder (1000 yds, max)  f
   Zeiss - binoculars with rangefinder and rangefinders (2300 m, max)  f

Rifle Cases and Associated (hard cases only)
   Americase (also custom)  f
   Cabela’s  f  
   Case Club (case reseller that specializes in custom foam inserts)
   Explore Products/Kalispel   f
   Explorer Cases (Italy) - US distributor (additional cases not shown on Italian site)
   Foam Factory (case foam)
   Foam N’ More (for rifle and gear cases, including custom foam cutting)
   Impact Case & Container
   MyCaseBuilder (cases/foam and custom foam cutting)  f
   Pelican (including Storm and Hardigg; “Design Your Own Foam” service)  f
   Plano  f
   Plasticase/NANUK (Canada)  f
   SKB Cases  f
   Strong Case (also custom)
   TZ Case
   Ziegel Engineering (also custom)

Shooting Rests (not benches; not bipods - see Rifle Components for Bipods)
   4AW (Australia) - video - they ship to the US
   Bald Eagle
   Caldwell  f
   JJ Industries (John Loh)
   Ransom International
   SEB Engineering (Indonesia) - view site with Chrome; US reseller list here  f
   Sinclair/Brownells  f

Spotting Scopes and Tripods*
   Athlon Optics - scopes and tripods  f
   Bushnell - scopes and tripods  f
   Celestron - scopes only  f
   Gitzo (Italy) - tripods only  f
   Hensoldt (Germany) - scopes only
   Kowa - scopes only (plus High Lander super binos)  f
   Leica (Germany) - scopes and tripods here and here  f
   Leupold - scopes only  f
   Manfrotto (Italy) - tripods only  f
   Meopta - scopes and tripods  f
   Minox (Germany) - scopes only  f
   Newcon Optik - scopes only (and scope with LRF)
   Nightforce - scopes and tripods  f
   Nikon (Japan) - scopes only  f
   OPTOLYTH (Germany) scopes only
   Pentax-Ricoh (Japan) scopes only  f
   Questar - scopes only
   SIG Electro-Optics - scopes only  f
   Sightron - scopes and tripods  f  
   Swarovski (Austria) - scopes and tripods  f
   Trijicon - scopes only  f
   Vortex - scopes and tripods  f  
   Zeiss (Germany) - scopes and tripods  f
    * only tripods sufficient to support the associated spotting scope are linked

Target Impact Viewing Systems (for distances beyond 1000 yards)
   Bullseye Camera Systems (“1 Mile +”)  f
   Caldwell (up to 1 mile)  f
   LightReact (1 mile +)  f
   MagnetoSpeed (T1000)  f
   Oakwood Controls (Portable Systems)
   OutWest Systems (up to 3500 yards)  f
   Range Systems (“Edge Light” visual feedback hit indicator)  f
   Target Hit Indicator Systems/THIS (up to 1.5 miles)  f
   TargetVision (2 miles)  f

   Action Target (steel, .50 BMG)  f
   American Target Company (paper)
   GongShot (brackets for gong stands)
   IBS (1000 yard, paper - Pistoleer, National Target Company/NTC)
    LV Steel Targets (steel)
   Lyman (TargDots remote paper target advancer)  f  
   MOA Targets (steel, .50 BMG - note that you do NOT need 1” thick AR500 steel for .50 BMG IF you place them at ELR distances, 1000 yards and beyond)  f
   NBRSA (1000 yard, paper - contact Karl Hunstiger, wfo13 at
   NEVCO (steel)
   Range Systems (steel)  f
   Rogue Shooting Targets (steel)  f
   Salute (steel, .50 BMG - note that you do NOT need 1” thick AR500 steel for .50 BMG IF you place them at ELR distances, 1000 yards and beyond)  f
   ShootSteel (steel)  f
   Tactical AR500 Targets (steel, .50 BMG)  f
   Tech Valley Technologies/TVT (Tarbot remote paper target advancer)  f
               ELR Resources