ELR Resources
Services - Training (“up to” distances of at least 1000 yards; *)
     f   = Facebook links (currently, or semi-currently, maintained sites only)

406 Precision (MT, IL)  f
Accuracy 1st Training and Consulting (TX and UT)  f
ALTAIR (FL) up to 2 miles  f
Ashbury Precision Ordnance/APO “APO Riflecraft” (VA) up to 2200+ yards  f
Asymmetric Solutions (MO) up to 1500m+  f         
BadLands Tactical Training (OK)  f
BangSteel.com (VA) up to 1 mile
Barrett (GA) up to 1500 yards + [Barrett rifles only]  f
Blue Steel Ranch (NM) up to one mile
Charlie Mike Precision (TX)  f
CORE Shooting Solutions (FL) up to 1100 yards  f
Cross Canyon Arms (CCA) Long-Range Shooting School (SD) up to 1200 yards  f
Cross-Hairs Long Range Hunting School (ID) up to 2500+ yards
Defensive Edge (ID) up to 2256 yards  f
Desert Tech/Deliberate Dynamics (UT) up to 3000+ yards  f   f
Evolved Ballistics (TX) up to one mile  f
Front Sight (NV) [max .338, trigger pull weight of at least 4#, call]  f
Gunsite Academy (AZ) up to 2000m   f
Gunwerks (UT)  f
K&M Precision Rifle Training (TN) up to 1200 yards  f
Leupold Optics Academy (OR) up to 1800m - promo video  f
Marksmanship Training Center (MI)  f
McMillan Firearms (NM) up to 2000 yards  f
MOA Rifles (OR) up to 2000 yards [their rifle]  f
Mountain Shooting Center (UT) up to 2600m
North Texas Rifle Precision (NTRP) (TX) up to 1200 yards  f
Precision Rifle Workshop (WY) up to 3000 yards
Pump Precision Rifle Training (TX) possible to 3000 yards, call  f
Rifles Only (multiple, call) up to 1500 yards [“Not restricted, just suggested short action.”]  f
SHOTS Ranch (AZ) up to 2200 yards  f
SIG Sauer Academy (NH)
Stillwater Tactical (MT)  f
Strategic Edge (TN) up to 1250 yards  f
T3/Trigger Time Training (CO) up to 1500 yards  f
Thunder Valley Precision (OH) up to 2000 yards, matches out to one mile  f
Whittington U Precision Academy/Professional Marksmen (NM)  f

*  Some sites are unclear as to whether ELR cartridges (as I’ve listed on the Cartridges page) are OK for use in their courses. I strongly suggest that prospective attendees confirm restrictions before signing up for a course, including possibly different restrictions for prerequisite courses. If you know that a specific provider does NOT allow at least 338 LM for a 1000 yard or longer course, or for a prerequisite course, please let me know and I will remove their listing.  Thanks!