Information - Cartridges [ELR-class w/ min 338 LM’s muzzle energy*] (note #)
Cartridges Matrix (24 Mar 2015)- comparative; separate tabs for 338, 375, and >.375; changes since last update in light green.
        NOTE: This file is in xls format. A FREE reader is available
here. The contents were compiled from designer’s websites, wikis, and elsewhere and calculation of “Supersonic to Yds” were made using JBM’s trajectories calculator.

Individual cartridges:
338-378 Weatherby, wiki, SAAMI
338 Allen Magnum
338 Allen Xpress
338 Big Baer (additional pic)
338 Edge (and 338 Edge +P), wiki, chamber reamer drawing (2)
338 Edge MK II (see post #20 in this LRH thread)
338 Excalibur, SAAMI, chamber reamer drawing (2)
338 Jarrett
338 Lapua Magnum, wiki, CIP, chamber reamer drawing (2), chamber reamer drawing from Caina-Longbranch Defense Systems, Canada, specifically for use with 300 gr SMKs, i.e., the CLB reamer
338 Little Dave (8.5 x 55), from Austria (site is in German, bing translator here)
338 Norma Magnum, wiki, CIP, article (review)#1, article (review)#2, chamber reamer drawing - CIP minimum material (2), chamber reamer drawing (Jimmie Sloan/338 Norma Magnum USA) - CIP maximum material (4)
338 SnipeTac, chamber reamer drawing, 300 gr (2)
338 Terminator
8.59 (.338) Titan (Lazzeroni), chamber reamer drawing, case drawing (6)
338 TP (TrackingPoint proprietary, based on 505 Gibbs), pic
338 Yogi (Dave Tooley) - TooleyRifle at
338 Xtreme (additional info and pic)
375/50 BMG, drawing (5)
375/50 JGS, drawing (3)
375 Allen Magnum
375 Allen Xpress
375 CheyTac (also see 408 CheyTac wiki), chamber reamer drawing (2), drawing (3)
375 Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM), wiki, SAAMI
9.53 (.375) Saturn (Lazzeroni), chamber reamer drawing
375 SnipeTac, chamber reamer drawing (2)
375 Viersco Magnum (VM2)
378 Weatherby, wiki, SAAMI
408 CheyTac, wiki, CIP, chamber reamer drawing (2), drawing #1, #2 (3)
416 Barrett, wiki
416 TYR (10.6x80, Grillmayer)
416 Viersco Magnum
458 Viersco Magnum
460 Steyr, CIP, chamber reamer drawing (2)
20/50 (Anzio)
50/20mm (M-103) PAC-NOR, drawings #1, #2 (5)
50 BMG(12.7x99mm NATO and Match), wiki, CIP, drawing (3)
50 DTC-EDM, drawing (3)
50 DTC Europ (Danis), wiki, drawing (3)
50 Vulcan, drawing (3)
510 Allen Magnum
510 DTC Europ (50 DTC), GunWiki, wiki, CIP, chamber reamer drawing (2)
12.7x108mm (Russian), wiki
14.5x114mm (Russian) wiki, chamber reamer drawing, (2)
14.9x102mm SOP, pic (with permission from the developer), test rifle pic, production rifle pic
20x102mm (Vulcan+), wiki
20x110mm (Hispano-Suiza+), wiki

General footnote:  There is NO industry standard/control over non-CIP/SAAMI drawings, e.g., drawings with the SAME cartridge name may have DIFFERENT dimensions. Additionally, even for the same "cartridge case" dimensions, the throat dimensions may vary between chamber reamer drawings. Project-specific chamber/chamber reamer drawings are your best source of dimensions. Proceed with caution!

CIP (Commission Internationale Permanente pour l'Epreuve des Armes à Feu Portatives - roughly the European equivalent of SAAMI); ELR cartridge and chamber drawings - click associated link (above):
   338 Lapua Magnum
   338 Norma Magnum
   408 CheyTac
   460 Steyr
   50 BMG
   510 DTC

SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute) (06/02/2012 SAAMI rifle cartridge list); ELR cartridge and chamber drawings - click associated cartridge link (above):
   338 Excalibur
   338-378 Weatherby
   338 Lapua Magnum (“pending” status, no drawings)
   375 Remington Ultra Magnum
   378 Weatherby
CH4D cartridge (caliber) list - use the shell holder # search to find wildcats and variants that MAY fit the same bolt face.
(1) Per Lapua’s website, the 338 LM’s muzzle energy is 4938 (max factory load).
(2) Chamber reamer drawings courtesy of Mr. Dave Kiff, Pacific Tool and Gauge.
(3) Additional drawings (courtesy of Dave at CH4D) - see cautionary “General footnote”, above.
(4) Provided courtesy of Mr. Jimmie Sloan, the developer of the 338 Norma Magnum.
(5) Drawings contributed by PAC-NOR. NOTE that some cartridges may have the same or virtually the same name, and be from the same reamer company, but the dims may be different enough to present VERY SERIOUS problems if assumed interchangeable, e.g., 375/50. Proceed with caution!!!
(6) Chamber reamer and case drawings courtesy of the designer, John Lazzeroni, Lazzeroni Arms
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