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Ammo (commercially-available loaded ammo, 338 LM or other ELR cartridges)
   NOTE:  The quality of and the reliability of data for “commercially” loaded ammo may vary substantially.  Proceed with caution.

     f   = Facebook links (currently, or semi-currently, maintained sites only)

   Ammo Matrixes (17 Aug 2017) - comparative, with a separate tab for each cartridge; muzzle energy (ME) may be calculated if missing or wrong on supplier’s spec. Changes since last update in light green.
       NOTE:  This file is in xls format.  A FREE reader is available here. The contents were compiled from manufacturers’ and/or resellers’ websites.

   AAA Arms & Ammo (460 Steyr and 50 BMG)
   ABM Ammo (338 LM)  f
   Barnes (338 LM)  f
   Barrett (416 Barrett and 50 BMG)  f
   Black Hills (338 LM and 338 NM)
   CheyTac (375 and 408 CT)  f
   COR®BON (338 LM)  f
   Desert Tech (338 LM, 375 CT, and 50 BMG)  f
   DoubleTap (338 LM, 375 RUM, and 50 BMG)  f
   Federal (338 LM; also American Eagle .338 LM and 50 BMG - Midway link for 338 LM, nothing on the Federal site)  f
   Fiocchi (338 LM and 50 BMG)  f
   Hornady (338 LM and 50 BMG)  f
   HSM (thru I. Q. Metals - 338 LM, 338 NM, 338-378 Weatherby, 375 CT, 408 CT, and 50 BMG)
   IMI (Israel, 338 LM and .50 BMG)  f
   Lapua (Finland, 338 LM)  f
   Lazzeroni (all Lazzeroni cartridges)
   Magtech (50 BMG)  f
   McMillan Firearms (338 LM and 50 BMG)  f
   Nexus Ammunition (338 LM)  f
   Norma USA (338 LM and 338 NM)  f
   Nosler (33 Nosler, 338 LM, 338-378 Weatherby, 375 RUM, 378 Weatherby)  f
   PMC (S. Korea, 50 BMG)
   PRIME (338 LM)  f
   Prvi Partizan/PPU (Serbia, 338 LM and 50 BMG)
   Remington (338 LM and 375 RUM)  f
   RUAG/RWS/Swiss P (multinational headquartered in Switzerland, some .338 LM thru Ashbury Precision)  f
   Sax Munitions (Germany, .408 CT and .50 BMG) - no known US distributor
   Sellier & Bellot (338 LM)
   Sniper Extreme (Lehigh Defense) (338 LM, 9.5x77, 10.36x77, and 50 BMG)
   Southern Ballistic Research/SBR (338 LM)
   Tactical Ammunition (338 LM and 50 BMG)
   Thunder Ammo (338 LM, 416 Barrett, and 50 BMG)  f
   Velocity Tactics/Fort Scott Munitions (.338 LM)  f  
   Weatherby (all Weatherby cartridges)  f
   Winchester (338 LM)  f

Brass (also contact cartridge “designer” listed on Cartridges page)

   Cartridge Legend:
       (1) 338 LM
       (2) 375 CT
       (3) 408 CT
       (4) 416 Barrett
       (5) 50 BMG
       (6) Other listed on Cartridges page

   AAA Arms & Ammo [6 - .460 Steyr formed from 50 BMG Winchester]
   Barrett [4 new and once-fired, 5 once-fired]  f
   Bertram - no website or known valid e-mail (call HSM/IQ Metals or Huntington) [1,2,3]
   Captech International (Jamison) [1,6 - 338 Excalibur, 338 Norma Magnum; 2,3,6 - using “.505 Gibbs Basic” for forming and fire forming to CT-based cartridges]  f
   CheyTac  (call) [2,3]  f
   Clearwater Swiss Precision (Switzerland) [4,6 - .460 Steyr; both formed from mil surplus .50 BMG but no BMG in the headstamps) - will export to the US
   Combat Disabled Veterans Surplus/CDVS [5,6 - 12.7 Russian, 14.5mm Russian, 20mm Hispano and Vulcan]
   DAG (the military head stamp for RWS, see below) [5]
   Ed Hubel - 585HE at, 989-644-5228 [6 - .375 Hubel Express/.375 HE plus the base .585 Hubel Express/.585HE]
   Hornady [1,5]  f
   Horneber (Germany) - thru Huntington (special order) [1,3]
   HSM (thru I.Q. Metals) [1,2,3 - produced by Bertram, availability varies]
   Kinetic Industries [1]  f
   Lake City (Orbital ATK) [5] - no known sources of new LC; please advise otherwise
   Lapua [1,5]  f
   Lazzeroni [6 - 338 Titan, 375 Saturn]
   Magtech [5]  f
   Norma [1,6 - 338 Norma Magnum, 338-378 & 378 Weatherby]  f
   Nosler [1,6 - 33 Nosler]  f
   Peterson Cartridge Company [1,2,3]  f
   Prvi Partizan/PPU [1,5]
   Quality Cartridges  [6 - 338 Excalibur, 375 RUM + custom]
   Rocky Mountain Bullets [6 - .338 SnipeTac/Bertram]
   RWS (worldwide, UK link) - 5 available here [1,5]  f
   Weatherby [6 - all Weatherby cartridges]  f
   Winchester/WCC [5] - new/old stock available here and here, among others
Bullets (commercially-available, for .338 LM or other ELR cartridges)

   Bullets Matrixes (24 Sep 2017) - comparative; separate tabs for 338, 375, 408-458, and 510; changes since last update in light green.
       NOTE:  This file is in xls format.  A FREE reader is available here. The contents were compiled from manufacturers’ websites.

   AAA Arms & Ammo (Harlow)
   Accurate Bullet Company (Canada)
   Badlands Precision  f
   Barnes  f
   Barrett  f   select from “Sub-Category” to reveal available projectiles
   Berger  f
   CheyTac  f
   Chinchaga (Canada)  f
   Clearwater Swiss Precision (Switzerland) - will export to the US
   CMA Custom Ammunition
   Corbin (ULD tips)
   Cutting Edge Bullets (CEB)  f
   Dynamic Research (Predator) - call Steve at (406) 529-6819
   GS Custom (South Africa), US operations  f
   GSR Precision (Canada) - reseller
   Hammer Bullets
   Hooker Tactical
   Hornady  f
   HSM (thru I.Q. Metals)
   Lapua (Finland)  f
   LFB (Germany) - no known US distributor
   Lehigh Bullets  f
   Lutz Moller (Germany) - no known US distributor [site is in German]
   Nosler  f
   Peregrine (South Africa) - RM Chart; ships direct thru US branch/website  f
   Prvi Partizan/PPU (Serbia)
   Rocky Mountain Bullets
   Sax Munitions (Germany) - no known US distributor
   Sierra   f
   Styria Arms (Austria) - product line PDF, no US distributor but they are willing to export to the US [site is in German]
   Thunder Ammo  f
   Taurus Bullets (Poland) - no known US distributor  f
   Velocity Tactics/Fort Scott Munitions  f
   Warner Tool   f
   Windcut Bullets (Italy) - no known US distributor [site is in Italian]  f
   Woodleigh (Australia) - thru Huntington and Midway

   Accurate  f
   ADI (Australia) - no known US resellers
   Explosia/LOVEX (Czechoslovakia) - no known US resellers for ELR-appropriate powders
   Hodgdon  f
   NobelSport/Vectan (France) - no known US resellers for ELR-appropriate powders
   Norma (Sweden)  f
   Powder relative burn rates - 1, 2
   Ramshot  f
   Reload Swiss (Switzerland) - no known US resellers
   St Marks Powder/SMP (sell sheet for their military side, no branded products for consumers - OEM source for several majors)
   VihtaVuori (Finland)  f
   Winchester  f

   CCI (including .50 BMG)
   Federal  f
   Magtech  f
   Remington  f
   RUAG/RWS (multinational headquartered in Switzerland; only .50 BMG in the US - reliable importer/reseller here)  f
   TulAmmo (Russia - including .50 BMG)
   UNIS GINEX (Bosnia & Herzegovina, incl .50 BMG) - available in the US at least at 1, 2
   Winchester  f
   Wolf (manufactured in Russia)  f    
   X-Treme Bullets (primers sourced from General Dynamics)  f

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