Products - Rifles (capable of ELR ranges with a minimum of a 338 LM’s muzzle energy)
Cartridge Legend:
   (1) 338 LM
   (2) 338 Norma Magnum (NM)
   (3) 375 CT
   (4) 408 CT
   (5) 416 Barrett
   (6) 50 BMG
   (7) Other listed on Cartridges page

Type Legend: Repeater, Repeater or Single Shot, Semi-Auto, all others are single shot/bolt action only or undefined (call).

 f   = Facebook links (currently, or semi-currently, maintained sites only)

Accuracy International Ltd. (UK)(AXMC, AX50) [1,6]  f
Accurate-Mag (Advanced Multi-Caliber Sniper Rifle, Advanced Multi-Caliber Sporting Rifle, Special Service Rifle) [1,2]  f
Ace Precision Rifle Systems/APRS (Australia) (Long Range Precision and custom builds) - US distribution unknown [1,3,4]  f
Action Gun Works (custom builds) [6]
Adams Custom Rifles (custom builds) [1,3,4,6]
Advanced Long-range Systems/ALS (AR conversion) [6]
Albert Arms (Germany) (ALR 338 LM) - US distribution unknown [1]
Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply/ATRS (Canada) (custom builds) [1,6]  f
Alexander Arms (Ulfberht) [1]  f
Allen Precision Shooting/APS (LRRS, Raptor Stalker, Ultra Light Hunter, X.H.S.) [1,7]  f
Alliance Custom Armory (Ultimate XTreme) [1,3,4]  f
American Precision Arms/APA (custom builds) [1]  f
Anzio Ironworks (multiple) [1,6,7]
Applied Ballistics Weapons Division/ABWD (Model 30 Tactical Weapons System/M30-TS and custom builds) [3]  f
Armalite (AR30A1BT338, AR-50A1BGGG) [1,6]  f
ARMES Christian SALVA (France) (Carabine Bench Rest 2000 Yards, Carabine Little-Snipe- Concept, Carabine Snipe-Concept) - US distribution unknown [1,3,4,7]  
Arms Tech Limited (TTR-50) [6]
Ashbury Precision Ordnance/APO (.375CT SuperSport XLR - may not be current spec) [1,3]  f
B&T AG (Switzerland)(APR338) - US dealers list [1]
Baer Custom Rifles (Ultra Long Range Tactical) [7]
Barnard (New Zealand)(Model 10, Model 10-ss, Barnard-Dolphin GP Rifle) - US distribution unknown  [1,3,4,6]  f
Barrett (82A1, 95, 99, 107A1, MRAD) [1,2,5,6]  f
BCM europearms (Italy)(Extreme, Extreme MAAR, Extreme Synthetic T.D., MAAR, TMR, TMR-X) - US distribution unknown [1,4,7]  f
Beanlands Custom Rifles (custom builds) [1,2,7]
Best of the West (Signature Series, Signature Series Carbon Fiber) [1]  f
Bettin Custom Guns (Carbon Hunter, Tactical) [1]
Bill Wiseman (custom builds) [call]
Bix’n Andy (Austria)(custom builds) [7] - available in the US, on special order, here  f
Blaser (R8 Long Range GRS, R8 Professional Success ) [1]  f
Bluegrass Armory (Moonshiner, Viper) [1,6,7]
Bushmaster (BA50) [6]  f
Cadex Defence (Canada)(CDX-33 Patriot Lite, CDX-33 Patriot TAC, CDX-40 SHADOW, CDX-50 TREMOR), CDX-MC/KRAKEN, CDX-R7/Lite Comp (pg 4), CDX-R7/Field Comp (pg 5), CDX-R7/Shepherd) [1,4,6]  f
Caracal (UAE)(CSR338) - branch office in US, Caracal USA [1]  f
CheyTac (M200 Intervention, M300 Intervention Composite) [1,3,4]  f
Christensen Arms (BA Tactical, Classic, ELR, Modern Precision Rifle, Summit Ti, TFM)[1,7]  f
Crescent Customs (custom builds) [1,6]
Cross Canyon Arms (Big Cottonwood Tactical, Big Cottonwood Teton, GC 1300-XLR, and Custom Shop)[1,7]  f  
Custom Guns and Ammunition/Nathaniel Lambeth, Sr. (custom builds) [1]
CZ USA (550 Magnum H.E.T. II, Western Series 550 Badlands Magnum) [1]  f
Danish Gun Tech (Denmark) - see Oestergaard Rifles
Dave Miller Rifles/DMR (custom builds) [1]  f  
David Tubb Accuracy and Precision Gun Parts (Adaptive Target Rifle) [2]  f
Defensive Edge (multiple, LRKM  [1,7]  f
Desert Tech/DT (SRS-A1, HTI owner’s pics #6, #7, #8, #9, #10)  [1,3,4,5,6]  f
Dixie Precision Rifles (custom builds) [1]  f
Dolphin Gun Company (UK) (custom builds, tactical, .50 BMG) - US distribution unknown, they do export [1,6]  f
Drake Associates (Stalker MK13, Stalker MK15), Stalker Titanium) [1,5,6]  f
DRD Tactical (Kivaari 338) [1]  f
DSR (Germany)(DSR 1 Rifle, DSR 50 Sniper) - site under construction; US distribution ukn [1,6]
East Ridge Gun Company/State Arms (Big Bertha, Competitor 2000, Rebel, Shorty) [5,6,7]
EDM Arms - see Vigilance Rifles
EFI, LLC (Precision Strike) [1,6,7]
F&D Defense (FD338) [1]  f
Fierce Firearms (all Edge models, Fury LR) [1,7]  f
FMR Unique (France)(RS1 Commando, RS1 Sniper) - US distribution unknown [1]
FN USA (Ballista) [1]  f
Fortmeier (Germany)(M2002, M2011 info/pics on .50 BMG model (select .50 BMG in drop down menu in the upper left, then the Fortmeier logo); article on 338 LM take-down model, in German) - US distribution unknown [1,2,4,5,6,7]
Fuchs Fine Guns (Austria) (MH1) - US distribution unknown [1]
GAC Rifles (Italy)(Big One, Hurricane, Thunder, Trident) - US distribution ukn [1,3,4,7]  f
GA Precision (338 LM + others thru 50 BMG as special order/custom builds) [1 +]  f
Gradous Rifles (Tactical XL) [1,2]  f
Gunware (custom builds) [1,3]  f
Gunwerks (Verdict) [1]  f
H&H Precision Rifles (custom builds) [1]
Haenel (Germany) (RS 9) - US distribution unknown [1]  f
Hankins Custom Rifles (custom builds) [1]  f
Harris Gunworks (Combo 50, M87/87R, M93, M96) [6]  f
High Tech Customs (custom builds) [1,6,7]
Hill Country Rifles (338 Lapua Hunter, Long Range Extreme Tactical, Long Range Tactical) [1,3,4]  f
Hofmeister Custom Shop (custom builds) [1,3,4,6,7]
Horizon Firearms (Z Custom) [1]  f
H-S Precision (HTR, PHR, PLR, PTD, TTD, VAR) [1,7]  f
IWI/Israel Weapon Industries (Israel) (DAN) [1]  f
JARD (J51, J70) [1,6]  f
Kelbly (Arcas 338 Tactical Rifle) [1]  f
Keppeler (Germany)(KS V Bullpup Hunter and Sniper) - US distribution unk [1]
King’s Arsenal (XKaliber 50 BMG) [6]  f
KMW/Terry Cross (Long Sword) [1,2]
Kovan Match Rifles (custom builds) [all thru .50 BMG]
L & G Weaponry (AR conversion) [6]
Lane Precision Rifles (Beast, Carbon Ultimate, LR Hunter, Ultimate, XD) [1,2,3,7]  f
Lazzeroni (L2012SP-XTLR, L2012TH-XTLR) [7]
Lobaev Arms (RU)(DXL-3/Longstrike, DXL-4/Sevastapol, SVLK-14/Twilight, TSVL-8/Stalingrad) - US distribution unknown [1,4]  f
Long Range Rifles (custom builds) [1,7]
LongRifles (custom builds) [1,2,6,7]  f
Mark King Rifles (custom builds) [1,6,7]
MasterPiece Arms (MPA 338BA Bolt Action Rifle) [1]  f
McCutchen Firearms (mag-fed, single-shot, AR15 uppers) [6]  f
McMillan Firearms (TAC-338, TAC-50 A1) [1,6]  f
McWhorter Custom Rifles (custom builds) [1,7]  f
Medwell Precision Rifles (UK) (Vanquish) [1]
Metals-N-More/MNM Tactical (Kentucky Long Rifle) [6]
MG Arms (Banshee, Behemoth) [1,6]  f
Michael Cuypers/Bijou Creek Gunsmithing (custom builds) [1]
Mirage ULR (ULR) [1,3,4,7]  f
Mike’s Gun Sales & Service (MGSS 338 Norma Magnum) [2]
MOA Rifles (Evolution Long Action, Evolution Long Range Hunter, Extreme Sporter, Extreme Long Range Hunter) [1]  f
Montana Rifle Company (ASR, MTR, X2) [1,2,7]  f
Nesika Firearms (Tactical Rifle) [1]
Noreen Firearms (Bad News, BN408, ULR) [1,2,4,5,6]  f
Northwest Action Works (multiple) [1,2,3,7]  f
Nosler (Model 48 Long-Range Rifle, Model 48 Long-Range Carbon) [7]  f
Oestergaard Rifles (Denmark)(custom builds based on their CO50R action) - US distribution unknown [6]
ORSIS (Russia)(Alpine M, F-Class pg 52, F17, T-5000 M, Varmint M) - US distribution unknown [1]  f
Patriot/Ligamec (Patriot 50) [6]
PGM Precision (France)(Hecate 2, PGM 338, Mini Hecate 2 - see 2017-18 catalog) - US distribution unknown [1,6]  f
PGW Defence Technologies (Canada)(Timberwolf 338, LRT-3) - no known current US dostribution [1,6]  f
Phoenix Custom Rifles (custom builds) [1,2,6,7]  f
Pierce Engineering (custom builds) [1,7]
Prechtl/GOL (Germany)(GS04 ML, GS04 F-Class/Standard/Varmint, GS011, MANSORY) - in the US contact NECG [1,4]  f
Precision Firearms (3-D Precision) [1]
Precision Rifle & Tool (custom builds) [1]  f
Proof Research (Summit, TAC II, Terminus) [1,2]  f
Quarter Minute Magnums (custom builds) [1,2,7]
R Bros Rifles (Long Range Hunter) [1,7]  f
R. Crouse Rifles (custom builds) [1,6]
Rangemaster Precision Arms/RPA (UK)(Rangemaster 338, Rangemaster 50) (US distribution thru Accurate-Mag) [1,6]  f
Remington (XCR Tactical Long Range, 700 Tactical Chassis) [1]  f
Remington Defense (M24-A3, MSR) [1]
Remington LE (40-XS 338 Tactical Rifle, 700 Police MLR, pg 10) [1]
Ritter & Stark (Austria)(SX-1 MTR) [1] - available thru Eurooptic in the US  f
RND Manufacturing (2000, 2500, 2600, 3000, 3100 is 416 Barrett, call) [1,3,4,5,6]
Robar (RC50/RC50F - brochure, SR-21, SR60, SR90) [1,6]  f
Roberts Precision Rifles (custom builds) [1]  f
RW Snyder  (Premier .50 BMG, Premier LR Tactical, Premier Xtreme LR Tactical) [1,2,3,4,5,6,7]  f
S & S Precision Rifles (custom builds) [1]  f
Safety Harbor Firearms (SHTF 50, SHTF50 AR uppers) [6]  f
SAI (Denmark)(CSR-50) - US distribution unknown [6]
Sako (Finland)(85 Long Range, TRG 42A1, TRG M10) [1]  f
Savage (110 BA Stealth, 110 BA Stealth Evolution, 110 FCP HS Precision, 110 Long Range Hunter 338 Lapua, 111 Long Range Hunter,112 Mag Target) [1]  f
Sawtooth Rifles (custom builds) [1,7]  f
Saxonia (Germany)(Big-Valve M2) - US distribution unknown [6]
Score High (Minuteman III - special order, call) [1,2]
Serbu (BFG-50, BFG-50A, RN-50) [6,7]  f
Sero (Hungary)(Gepard line GM1, GM2, GM3, GM4, GM6 Lynx) - US distribution unknown; Canadian reseller (special order) [6,7] (custom builds) [1,3,7]   
Short Action Customs (custom builds) [1]  f
Shurley Brothers Custom Rifles (custom build) [1]  f
Sisk Rifles (STAR custom builds, call) [1]  f
Snowy Mountain (Carbon LRH, Elite Precision Rifle, Long Range Hunter) [1,2]  f
Spartan Precision Rifles (custom builds) [1]  f
Spencer Rifle Barrels (custom builds) [1,6,7]
Spider Firearms (Ferret50 variants and AR conversion) [1,4,5,6,7]  f
St. George Arms (Leader 50 A1- formerly MICOR Defense, MICOR video) [6]
Status Guns & Engineering (New Zealand) (Status 50 BMG Rifle) - US distribution unknown [6]
Steel Core Designs (UK)(HSR Cyclone, brochure; MSR Cyclone, brochure; SC-86 Thunderbolt Extreme, brochure, YouTube product launch video) - US site [1,6]  f
Steyr Arms (Austria) (Carbon, SSG-08, SSG M1 2018, HS 50, and HS 50 M1) [1,6,7]  f
STL Rifles (Germany) (multiple - Hunting, Sporting, Mil and LE) - no current US distribution [1]
Straight Shooter Supply (custom builds) [1,7]  f
Superior Precision Rifles (custom builds) [1]
Surgeon Rifles (Precision Sniper Rifle/PSR, custom builds) [1,2]  f
S.W.O.R.D. (MK-18Mjölnir, video) [1,2]  f
TenXCustoms (HPR, TPR-ELR) [1,2,3,4,7]  f
Terminator Products (New Zealand) (custom builds) - US distribution unknown [1,2,7]
Texas Custom Rifles/TCR (custom builds) [1,3]  f
Thor Global Defense (multiple [1,3,4,6]  f
Thoroughbred Rifles (custom builds) [1]
Thunder Ammo & Arms (custom builds) [5,6,7]  f
Thunder Valley Precision (custom builds) [1,3,4,7]  f
TrackingPoint (Mi50, ShadowTrax8) [1,6]  f
Truvelo (South Africa)(CMS 338 Lapua, CMS 12.7x99, CMS 14.5x114) - US reseller [1,6,7]  f
T S Custom (custom builds) [call]  f
Tuebor Precision (custom builds) [1]  f  
Tumbleweeds Custom Rifles (custom builds) [call]
Unique Alpine (Germany) (TPG-3 A4) - US distribution unknown [1]
Valkyrie Rifles (UK)(custom builds) - does not export to the US [1]  f
Valley Ordnance Works (XF-50) [6]
Venom Tactical (Copperhead II, Mamba, Taipan) [1]  f
Vestal’s Gunsmithing & Custom Rifles (custom builds) [1,2,3,4,5,6,7]  f
Victrix Armaments/Beretta (Italy) (Minerva/Corvus, Minerva/Scorpio MilLe, Minerva/Scorpio TCT, Minerva/Scorpio TGT, Minerva/Tormentum, Minerva/Tormentum MilLe) - 2018 catalog download; US distribution thru Beretta [1,3,4]  f
Vigilance (M14, VR1, Windrunner M18) - also servicing and upgrading earlier EDM Arms (Windrunner) rifles [1,4,6]
VOERE Präzisionstechnik GmbH/Tactical site (Austria) (LBW-M2, LBW Match Varmint, LBW-X3) - US distribution unknown [1,4]  f
Weatherby (Mark V, 8 models) [1,7]  f
West Texas Ordnance (custom builds) [1]  f
Whidden Gunworks (custom builds) [1]  f
X Ring Accuracy (pre-configured and custom builds) [1,4,6]
Xtreme Machining (338 XT) [7]
Zakłady Mechaniczne “Tarnów”/ZMT (Poland)(ALEX-338, TOR) [1,6]
Zastava Arms (Serbia)(M12 Black Spear, M93 Black Arrow) - US distribution unknown [6,7]
Zel Custom - see McCutchen Firearms
ZVI (Czech Republic)(Falcon) - US distribution unknown [6,7]

See also Gunsmiths for additional “custom builds”.
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