Products - Reloading Equipment
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   Accuracy One (concentricity gauge and primer seating gauge)
   AutoTrickler and AutoThrow (Canada, auto initial throw + auto trickler) - available at least here, also ships to the US
   Bruno’s concentricity gauge
   CH4D caliber list - find the shell holder for your parent case and then search on it to find wildcats and variants that MAY fit the same bolt face
   Corbin (.50 BMG bullet puller)
   Davidson Seating Depth Checkers (nose piece), Base Pieces (thru Sinclair)
   Dead Center Sports (length-to-lands/LTL gauge)  f
   Giraud - case and bullet comparator gauge (versions for 338 LM and .50 BMG)
   Hornady - bullet comparator body, (aluminum) inserts  f
   JBM - bullet lengths
   JBM - calculators (trajectory, stability, etc.)
   NECO concentricity gauge and alignment tool
   Recreational Software, Inc./RSI (“Pressure Trace II” rifle chamber pressure tester)
   Redding case neck thickness gauge
   Shooting SHED (UK, bullet and cartridge comparator tools) - they ship to the US and will do customs for extreme VLD bullets and large bore/wildcat cartridges  f
   Sinclair (stainless steel bullet comparator inserts)  f
   TARGETMASTER (UK, high-end powder trickler) - will ship to the US
   Whidden (case gauge for .338 LM)  f
   Wilson (case gauges for .338 LM and .50 BMG)  f
Bullet Coating and Prep
   David Tubb (Tubb Nose Ring tool, call)  f
   Hex Boron Nitride (hBN) - TAI (not on their website, e-mail Tom at and Machine Envy
   Hoover (tipping die and meplat trimmer)
   Moly (Molybdenum Disulfide) - NECO and Machine Envy
   Whidden Gunworks (bullet pointing dies)  f

Case Prep
   21st Century  f
   Annealing Made Perfect/AMP (New Zealand, induction annealer - see Distributors page for US resellers)  f
   Dewey (CR Crocogator)  f
   Dillon Precision  f
   Fluxeon (“Annie” induction annealer)  f
   Forster  f
   Frankford Arsenal  f
   Hamilton Firearms (Geo AZ products - for .50 BMG and variants)
   Henderson Precision  f
   Hornady  f
   K&M  f
   Little Crow Gunworks  f
   Lyman  f
   M2 Precision
   Match Prep (Gracey)
   Pacific Tool & Gauge (note that ONLY the ID end of this tool works for .50 cal cases)
   PMA Tool  f
   RCBS  f
   Sinclair (a Brownells company)  f
   STM  f
   Wilson  f

Dies (also contact the cartridge designer, e.g., Allen)
   CH4D (including custom)
   Dillon Precision (.50 BMG sizer)  f
   Forster (.338 LM, .338 NM, and .375 RUM)  f
   Hornady (33 Nosler, .338 LM, .338-.378 Weatherby, .375 RUM, .378 Weatherby, .50 BMG; also custom and hydraulic forming - scroll down)  f
   Lee (.416 Barrett and .50 BMG)
   Lyman (.338 LM)  f
   M2 Precision (.50 BMG Match)
   Neil Jones (custom)
   Newlon (.338 LM die blanks; call regarding possible die blanks for larger cartridges)
   RCBS (.338 LM, .338 NM, .338-.378 Weatherby, .375 RUM, .378 Weatherby, .416 Barrett, .460 Steyr, and .50 BMG; they no longer offer custom dies)  f
   Redding (.338 LM, .338 LM Imp, .338 NM, .338-.378 Weatherby, .375 RUM, .378 Weatherby, and custom)
   Sinclair/Wilson (.338 LM arbor-press style seater)  f
   Triebel (Germany, .338 LM, .338 NM, .375 & .408 CT, .416 TYR, .460 Steyr, .50 BMG, and 14.5x114 Russian) - sold internationally  f
   Warner Tool (custom)  f
   Whidden Gunworks (custom and custom hydraulic forming)  f
   Wilson (.338 LM bushing-type full length sizer and arbor-press-style seaters - beyond Sinclair/Wilson)  f

Load Data (also contact the cartridge designer, e.g., Allen)
   Accurate and Ramshot (.338 LM and .375 RUM)  f
   ADI (.338 LM, .378 Weatherby, and .50 BNG)
   Alliant (.338 LM, .378 Weatherby, and .50 BMG)
   Explosia/LOVEX (Czechoslovakia, .338 LM and .50 BMG)  f
   Hodgdon, IMR, Winchester (.33 Nosler, .338 LM, .338-.378 Weatherby, .375 RUM, .378 Weatherby, and .50 BMG)  f
   NobelSport/Vectan (.378 Weatherby and .50 BMG)
   Norma (.338 LM, .338 NM, .338-.378 Weatherby, .375 RUM, and .378 Weatherby)  f
   Reload Swiss/RS (Switzerland, .338 LM and .50 BMG)
   VihtaVuori/Lapua (.338 LM and .50 BMG)  f  
   QuickDESIGN (cartridge design/mod software - load data into QuickLOAD)
   QuickLOAD (load stats and development software)

   Frankford Arsenal (boxes, trays)  f
   Inline Fabrication  f
   MTM - here, here (for .50 BMG-based ammo box use 12 ga box, replace trays w/ 10 ga)  f

Presses (including .50 BMG-capable, unless otherwise noted)
   ATRS (Canada)  f
   CH4D (Rock Crusher)
   Clearwater Swiss Precision a PDF (Switzerland) - will export to the US
   Corbin (Mega-Mite)
   Dillion Precision (BFR)  f
   Forster (no .50 BMG or large ELR cartridge support)  f
   Hornady  f
   K&M (arbor press with force measurement - for bullet seating)  f
   Lenzi (Italy) - available here (special order only) - please note, as best I can tell, while their “large” press might be able to size .50 BMG brass, the throat appears nowhere near tall enough to seat bullets)
   Lyman (no .50 BMG or large ELR cartridge support)  f
   MEC (no .50 BMG or large ELR cartridge support)  f
   RCBS  f
   RCE (also, the “What Cheer” hydraulic press might still be available, call)
   Redding (no .50 BMG or large ELR cartridge support)
   Talon Advanced (Italy) - available thru Dolphin in the UK, who will export to the US  f
   Ten-X Tactical
   Turban (Germany) - will export to the US  f

Priming Tools (including .50 BMG-capable, unless otherwise noted)
   21st Century (no .50 BMG support)  f
   Dillon Precision (.50 BMG-based cartridge cases only)  f
   Forster (no .50 BMG support)  f
   Hornady (no .50 BMG support)  f
   K&M (no .50 BMG support)  f
   M2 Precision (.50 BMG-based cartridge cases only)
   Primal Rights (no .50 BMG support)
   RCBS  f
   Sinclair (no .50 BMG support)  f

Scales/Balances/Powder Measures
   A&D Weighing (electronic)
   Harrell’s Precision (manual, max 120 gr thrown charge)
   Hornady (manual & electronic, incl manual model w/ thrown charge of up to 265 gr)  f
   LW Measurement/HRB (electronic)  f
   Lyman (manual and electronic)  f
   My Weigh (electronic) - article
   Ohaus (electronic)  f
   RCBS (manual and electronic)  f
   Redding (manual, max 140 gr thrown charge)
   Sartorius (Germany, electronic)  f
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